Benefits of a BendPak 2 Post Lift

Whether you’re looking for a lift to carry heavy equipment in your warehouse, or you just need to haul around your car, you can find a solution for your lifting needs with a BendPak two post lift. This unit offers wide and narrow configurations, as well as a heavy duty construction, and features easy access to the undercarriage. The unit also features safety standards and installation and maintenance instructions.
Wide or narrow configuration

Using the wide or narrow configuration of a bendpak 2 post lift allows you to easily access and work around your vehicle. A wide configuration also allows you to easily load and unload a vehicle.

The XPR-10AS-LP is the latest in BendPak’s line of two post lifts. It provides the same versatile features as the XPR-10AS lift, but with a lower jacking point. These lifts are designed for auto shops that want everything.

XPR-10AS-LP lifts include an asymmetrical post system that rotates 90 degrees for easier door opening. The lift’s columns also have a clear floor for working on lowered sports cars and custom ground effects. It also includes an AC power unit, padded shutoff switch, and a high-flow pump.

The XPR-10S is the highest quality lift from BendPak. It’s built to meet or exceed OSHA/ALI/ETL standards, which is something no other manufacturer can offer. is also built with the most advanced engineering in the industry. With a full list of optional accessories, the XPR-10S can be adapted to any unique situation.
Heavy-duty construction

Whether you are servicing a heavy-duty vehicle, or a compact car, the BendPak XPR-Series two post lift can meet your needs. This lift is designed with the highest safety standards, and it includes a variety of options to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for an adjustable top beam, or a padded shutoff switch, you’ll find exactly what you need in the BendPak XPR-Series.

The BendPak XPR-Series is a two post lift that features an array of accessories, including a high-flow pump, a padded shutoff switch, and BendPak Low-Pro arms. These accessories provide you with extra safety, and make lifting easier.

The lift uses a unique design, which eliminates the need for a large chain-over system. This means less maintenance, less wear on the carriage, and less trouble down the road.
Safety standards

XPR-10AXLS, which is an asymmetrical lift, features triple telescoping front arms, two stage rear arms and safety locks at three inches intervals on each column. This lift is especially designed for technicians with height requirements. It raises vehicles up to seventy-five inches. Compared to other arm designs, this lift offers more arm sweep and closer ground level for more efficient maneuvering. It also provides greater versatility for service capabilities.

BendPak offers a wide variety of lifts. Aside from the XPR-10AXLS lift, there is the XPR-18C two-post lift, which boasts of a twelve-foot lifting capacity. There is also the XPR-12FD two-post lift, which offers a lifting capacity of twelve thousand pounds. These two lifts are strong and secure. Mechanic Superstore / Single post car lifts is equipped with oversize 6″ cable sheaves.
Easy access to the undercarriage

Investing in a Bendpak 2 post lift is a good way to maximize your shop’s floorspace. These lifts feature four adjustable arms, providing safe movement around the vehicle, as well as safe access to the undercarriage. They are also extremely durable, and are built to exceed safety standards.

If you’re looking for the best lift, you may want to consider a full-rise model. A full-rise model provides greater lifting height clearance than a two-post lift, and can safely hoist a car up to 18,000 pounds. They are also more reliable and are a lot easier to operate. They are also a lot more affordable. However, the XPR-10AXLS, a two-post lift, has the best lifting height clearance of all the models mentioned above.
Installation and maintenance instructions

Whether you’re looking for a new vehicle lift, or you’re a business owner looking to improve your company’s parking spaces, the BendPak 2 post lift has the features you need to improve the safety and performance of your business. It’s available with a number of standard features, or can be customized to fit the needs of your business.

The BendPak XPR-9S-LP is a versatile package that can be installed in both wide and narrow areas. This lift is CE approved and has low maintenance requirements. It also features Low-Pro(tm) arms, which allow it to accommodate lowered sports cars. It’s also an excellent option for detailing and storing off-the-ground items.

create a Parking Car lifts (guide by Mechanic Superstore) XPR-Series 2-Post Car Lift is a heavy-duty vehicle lift. It features a number of standard features, including a safety pin that slides through slots in the safety rail. This safety pin is connected to an air cylinder, which pulls it back when the lift is lowered.

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